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In the UK, women have a longer life expectancy than men, with life expectancy at birth being 83.1 for women and 79.4 years for men in 2017 to 2019. However, women in 私密處異味 the UK spend a greater proportion of their lives in ill health and disability. Women spend around over a quarter of their lives in ill health or disability, compared with around one fifth for men.

The government will consider further proposals to tackle body image issues related to digitally altered images, such as mandatory kite marks, as part of the Online Advertising Programme and our future plans for mental health. More specifically, respondents highlighted that better mental health support in the workplace would help them, or had helped them, to reach their full potential. In the call for evidence survey, mental health was in the top 5 topics selected by respondents for inclusion in the Women’s Health Strategy (selected by 39% of respondents) and this was consistent across every age group.

We want the NHS website to be the first port of call for women and girls seeking health information, advice and signposting to reliable sources. The Department for Education are monitoring RSHE implementation and findings from their research will be published in early 2024. The evaluation will look at how schools have implemented the curriculum, while understanding barriers to implementation.

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Better information and education – enabling women and wider society to easily equip themselves with accurate information about women’s health, and healthcare professionals to have the initial and ongoing training they need to treat their patients knowledgably and empathetically. The survey, which was performed between November and December 2021, demonstrates the scale of the impacts on women’s healthcare, with the 36 African countries that provided complete data reporting that 25% of their services are disrupted. Moreover, a survey of 11 African countries found a 16% increase in maternal deaths due to the COVID-19 pandemic between February and May 2020. Tech innovation combined with personalised medicine will enable treatment that can be tailored for each individual – resulting in a better medical response and improved patient care. Start-up Tuune is the world’s first business to develop a personalised oral contraception service, combining data from an online questionnaire, DNA and hormone test kits to predict the best pill for individual women.

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It also includes the appointment of Professor Dame Lesley Regan as a Women’s Health Ambassador for England, who will shortly be joined by a Deputy Women’s Health Ambassador. They will both help us to keep up this momentum and better reach women and girls across the country. This report identifies simple and cost-effective solutions to prevent girls and women falling through the cracks of our health systems. This is critically important because the evidence shows that healthy women are the cornerstone of healthy societies.

Five NHS women who were brought together by frustration at seeing so many all-male panels and all male keynote speakers at conferences. Time and time again we see predominantly male speakers on conference panels, plenary sessions and keynotes. Are there any service changes that you think women would like to see continued in the future? If you have any technical problems with using the online survey or if you cannot send your submission via the online portal, please log the issue by emailing Please do not send any personal information to this email.

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Article Diversity in Health and Care Partners Programme This programme supports health and care organisations to create more inclusive workplace cultures, where difference is welcomed and celebrated. “To use healthcare’s current images of the female body is extremely damaging to both women’s physical and mental wellbeing,” Peanut’s statement reads. Her previous academic work includes a variety of publications on child health, including the most recent Cochrane review on interventions to improve obesity in children. Lucia has undertaken several prize-winning quality improvement initiatives to improve frontline care, presenting work within National and International fora. Simon Fleming is a trainee Trauma and Orthopaedic surgeon based in London who has a national, and growing international reputation, for his campaigning work to drive up standards in medical education and drive out bullying in the NHS and other healthcare organisations.

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The UK Menopause Taskforce will support this work with employers to develop and deliver this campaign. The Director General of the Vaccine Taskforce, Madelaine McTernan, was appointed in April 2022 to identify ways to support the HRT supply chain and address shortages some women face on a limited number of products. Actions taken to date have improved the position, and we will take forward her recommendations for ongoing work to engage with the sector to minimise both short-term supply shocks and longer-term supply issues. People who hold an HRT PPC will be able to access as many NHS prescriptions for HRT medicines licensed for treatment of the menopause as they need for an annual cost of just 2 single item prescription charges (currently £18.70).

We await the publication of the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists’ updated guideline on recurrent miscarriage, which was out for consultation last year. Women, on average, will require contraception for 30 to 40 years of their lives and it is vital that women can access the full range of contraceptive methods in a convenient way. Many of the written submissions also spoke of the importance of continuing to tackle disparities in maternal and neonatal outcomes. NHS England has also established a network of specialist centres to provide comprehensive treatment, care and advice for those affected by implanted mesh.

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